Monday, April 11, 2011

Tragic Hair

Once upon a time, my mom asked me if I would help her color her hair. Typically, she had her hair colored at a salon, but for some reason, she decided to do it at home. At that time, the extent of my hair processing experience was a one-time spiral perm in 7th grade. And once I cut Brother #2's hair with clippers when he was in high school (he ended up having to shave the sides his head--oops!). So, I wasn't exactly the best person to help her. But I did. And her hair ended up orange. Not a pretty reddish orange color not found in nature. Kind of like a crossing guard vest. Against her olive complection, it was definitely a hair horror...almost as bad as when Brother #2 had a perm (hey, it was the mid-80s).

Thus was the inspiration for the card set I made for my mom, which I'm entering in the Moxie Fab World Card Set Challenge. I used one of my all-time favorite stamp sets from Crafty Secrets for a retro look, and I made my first foray into Copic-ing. So please squint a little...I have no idea what I'm doing. Here is the set:

The papers are from the Gertie line of Stella & Rose...I think it works well with the stamps. For each card, I colored the woman's hair pink. Now my mom's hair was orange, but I didn't think the orange quite worked (maybe fluorescent orange??).  Anyhoo, here are a couple of close-ups:

I layered the stamped images onto Spellbinders Lacey Circles. I also used a border punch on the red and cream paper--kind of hard to tell in the pictures. Here's the box I made to put the cards in:

The template is one of the Paper Crafts magazine downloads (from Gina K.). This was my first card box from scratch, but it was fun to make and I'll use this template again!  

Thanks for looking, and thanks so much for the comments!


  1. Oh no! At least your post gave me a chuckle, I hope you all can laugh now at the situation! I love your cards, they seem perfect for the occasion, and that box is outstanding!

  2. You crack me up Jocelyn!!! Funny gal!!!....Love your cards... nice PP and its really cute!!!... and yes that box is simply stunning too... great for gifts!!!....hugs...xoxo

  3. This is hilarious! There is no way I would be brave enough to color anyones hair! This set is a riot and I love your packaging! Awesome job on coloring!!! :-)

  4. Jocelyn,
    You are much better with cards than hair. I would even take the pink hair if I looked as good as the lady on the card.

  5. Your mom's comment makes this whole post even!
    I am pretty sure that I've had that colour orange for my own hair. It makes me think of 'terror alert orange.'
    That said, I love this set! The sentiment is perfect for so many occasions :)

  6. Hey Jocelyn! Thanks for linking these up to the Card Set Challenge in the Moxie Fab World in celebration of 350 Cards & Gifts Week! Good luck in the random drawing! :)

  7. "an orange color not found in nature"...Ah ha ha!! I love your mum's comment, too -- you two are hilarious! :o) And I love, love your super-fun-and-funny card set -- AWESOME!! Great colouring, Jocelyn!

  8. Jocelyn, there's nothing wrong with your Copic colouring! I love this set of cards with the bright and happy colours. Your mom is going to love these. That hair colouring story is too funny!!

  9. Funny story! Love the card set!

  10. Fun story and a fun card set to match! Great job with the copics!

  11. Tee-hee, this is such a funny card set! I think we've all that feeling at least once after visiting the salon (or trying to DIY!). Your copic-ing looks great and I love that little box you made for them.

  12. Hehehe you make me giggle! I love the card too!
    Kindest regards,
    Jennifer Ferrell


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